Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sock Monkey!

Here is a custom sock monkey I made for a member of my West Michigan Etsy team.

Dulce of makes some really cute sock monkeys that are a bit different from the usual sock monkey. Check out her shop, they are too cute!


Dulce said...

Thank you for making this for me I cant wait to put it around my neck a long with my sweet hope pendants that I got from Cathy.
Oh by the way did you know that my name in English means Sweet Hope.
Well now you do.

ribbonrose said...

That is so cool, Dulce!

thatissocute said...

that is just so cute - love it!!

MariaSoleil said...

That is the cutest thing! It looks just like her real ones!

Shelley said...

You really captured the whimsical nature of Dulce's monkeys. Great job.

Anonymous said...

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